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Clover Leaf

Clover Leaf is an elite cannabis business consulting firm offering an in depth knowledge of compliance and regulation in the cannabis Industry. Our specialty is assisting individuals in full business set up, licensing compliance, operations, national brand expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and investments. The Cannabis Business Exchange is Clover Leaf’s mergers and acquisitions division and houses a complete list of cannabis business listings and investment opportunities. The exchange is an elite business service for qualified and verified entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners interested in mergers, acquisitions, investment opportunities, partnerships, and similar business ventures in the newly minted and exponentially growing legal cannabis industry.

Clover Leaf’s professional referral and resource network is made up of the industries most qualified professionals and business owners. We have set up hundreds of successful industry businesses and facilitated in hundreds of successful mergers and acquisitions. Our client base consists of the most successful business operations in the industry. We have helped keep hundreds of marijuana businesses and high level cultivation operations compliant with rigorous and continually evolving regulations. In addition, we provide vendor training and educational solutions for marijuana related businesses throughout the industry.

The Cannabis Business Exchange 

The Cannabis Business exchange is the mergers and acquisition’s department for the elite business consulting firm, Clover Leaf Consulting. To date we have assisted hundreds of cannabis business investments, mergers, and acquisitions, more than any other consulting firm in the industry. The exchange is the top professional resource firm for cannabis business mergers and acquisitions. Our elite consultant network is uniquely positioned to facilitate deals for successful business opportunities in the cannabis industry. Our team has compiled a private list of pre-evaluated businesses for sale that becomes accessable to qualified buyers.  If you are interested in purchasing a business with us please click the following link to pre-qualify. Through this process we verify that you are eligible to buy a business in this industry.  Once verified you will be on your way to matching up with our verified sellers. To start the process fill out the form at the following link. Buy A Cannabis Business

For those looking to sell their business, the Cannabis Business Exchange will bring pre-approved buyers to the table that have a specific interest in your type of business. Our experts have dealt with years of cannabis business mergers and acquisitions so that we know how to close a deal that captures maximum value with ease.  Let us do the work for you. With our efficient pre screening and due diligence process, we are only bringing serious players to the table who are ready and prepared to buy or invest in your business.  Sell A Cannabis Business